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Unitronix Statement on RMC-60950

Unitronix is a supplier of component parts that become built into systems by our customers, and as such RMC60950 does not apply to component parts.

However there are some cases were we do supply a “box” that could be considered an system in its own right. In these cases there can be confusion as to whether RMC-60950 requirements apply.

Unitronix takes the following approach:

  • We do not sell equipment for Information Technology application, we sell rugged and scientific equipment.
  • We do not sell commercial telecommunications equipment.
  • We sell embedded computing cards, systems, boxes for Military, Mining, Medical applications, where the kit is part of a bigger system, where the responsibility of certification of the equipment lies with the systems integrator.
  • If component equipment that Unitronix sells to a systems integrator needs to be certified to RMC60950 we are happy to get the equipment tested, this cost is payable by the customer (quote on request).
  • Unitronix is registered as a trusted supplier under RMC60950 and we can certify equipment and apply labels.
  • It is the customers responsibility to make Unitronix aware of any certification requirements at the quoting stage so we can advise and quote accordingly. Failure to do so is entirely the resposibility of the customer and Unitronix takes no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of customers not informing Unitronix of their requirements before any sale or supply of equipment.

RMC-60950 Overview
RMC-60950 Explanation


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