High Quality, High reliability COTS Single board computer cards from Versalogics, EBX, EPIC, PC-104, credit card and Comm Express SBCs. Versa are the most reliable supplier in the business, their designs and cards are tested to MIL-STD 202-G and all their shipped products are burned in with temp and vibration. Longevity of supply is on a 5 + 2 basis, 5 years guaranteed and 2 years organised. Revisional control is available for customers who wish to full lock down their design along with customisation service for customers who want small changes to get their exact requirements. If you are an OEM who wants to build a high reliability system and have full configuration control of your embedded computer core as well as cleanly defined roadmaps for new tech insertions then you seriously need to take a look at the Versa products.

Unitronix provides a high level of in country support for the Versa equipment, we hold a lot of demo cards that we build into a small system that can be loaned out to customers for testing and trails. So Versalogics form the main thrust of what we offer customers for the SBC, for the high end IO functions we have PC104 8-Port Ethernet switches, 1553-ARINC 429, Multi ADC DAC, Video and Graphics, this list is long.

Let us know what you want and we can help focus in on a solution for you.