A large number of screens are available. Our main supplier Vartech has a huge range of screens for industrial applications through to military applications.

The key point with the Vartech equipment is customisation. We can work with the customer to modify and customise their equipment to get the ideal cost-effective solution for the application. Some examples of this that we have worked on are:

  • Special 38999 connectors for a Navy programme - pinned out to the existing applications requirements - labelled and positioned so that existing wiring did not need to change.
  • Special base mounting bracket to hold a 32 inch outdoor screen on a tripod, with the added functionality of an interchangeable table top stand.
  • EMC/EMI pack, additional component pack to bring the screens up to MIL-STD 461E standard.

Now at this point it is definitely worth pointing out a really valuable service available with the Vartech screens when it comes to testing and certifications for the required environments. Vartech provide a base screen, the customer defines what subset of the many standards for qualification they need to meet, Unitronix and Vartech work with the customer to read across from previous testing and standards in order to provide the customer confidence that the screen will pass the final systems testing.

The final point to make here is that we have years of experience selling and supporting screens in rugged environments at Unitronix and we can tell you that you get what you pay for. There are a huge amount of products on the market but if you buy cheap you will buy twice and you will not be happy with the results.
We have taken apart numerous cheap screens just to have a look inside and we can tell straight away whether a screen is suited for its application, or something that is badly engineered or in one case that we saw, was outright dangerous.

So to sum up, lots of screens are available. We work with you to fit each screen exactly to your requirements. The screens are of good quality, as are all the components used in their construction, so we reiterate you get what you pay for.