"Enterprise on the Edge". How do you reliably run your enterprise software out in the field, desert or jungle. You can cocoon a commercial grade server, but you soon run into issues with cooling, sand, dust, shock and vibration. Basically they don't last long and you don't get support or warranty from your supplier who will generally freak out on you.

So how do you get the latest multi core multi Xeon servers to run reliably and be supportable in rough conditions be it a FOB or a vehicle. Well Themis computers have been supplying MIL STD qualified Enterprise grade servers to Military applications for 15 years. Leveraging their expert knowledge on Bus level servers based on SPARK, Themis entered this business a long time ago and they are the premier supplier of rugged server equipment to the market. Themis qualify their base equipment to MIL STD 810 and 461, they then test and qualify with NVIDIA GPGPUs (K80, P100, GRID) and a number or 3rd party add in cards. If you want a special 3rd party card added then we work with you to read across or test to your requirements.

An important few points for customers reading this are; Themis are the long term player in this field, they have been doing it the longest and programs in the US navy such as Q70 and AEGIS are testament to their pedigree. Themis focus of reducing Size, Weight and Power in their equipment and their designs show this in being the most efficient construction for a varied degree of requirements. In the field or a deployed system it's all about having a system that is efficient and effective without being over engineered and full of air that is not used. RESmini is the most compact rugged server that you will find in the market, 19 inch servers with depths of 14, 17, 20 21 inches allow you to optimise your deployable hardware to the job and that is of immense value to the end user.

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