Unitronix supplies and supports a wide range of RF front end and signal processing capability, from pre built tuners to wideband digitisers and high-end signal processing architectures based on FPGA / Xeon / GPGPU’s both in board level eg VPX to pre built boxed solutions.

Focus is on the COMINT and ELINT applications space.

Applications include;
Sonobuoy Receivers
RADAR Receivers, Transceivers
Direction Finding

Our suppliers;
Delphi for PCIe XMC VPX  digitisers
Pentek for PCIe XMC VPX digitisers and recorders
Tekmicro for VXS and VPX digitisers and DRFM cards
Curtiss Wright for VPX wideband and aircraft grade digitisers and DRFM cards
DTA for 19 inch and packaged solutions covering a wide range of applications.
IRF for ELINT tuners on VME and VPX as well as their widerail packaged solutions.
BAE Eclipse for COMINT tuners and VPX or 19 inch packaged solutions.

Digitiser Board
Digitiser Boxed System