Ultra Rugged Credit Card Sized PC

BioDigitalPC-10 family of computers are a credit card sized computing platform equipped with the latest Intel CPU, up to 16GB of DDR4 and 128GB of ultra-fast SanDisk SSD. The BioDigitalPC® is powered by 5VDC and consumes between 5W and 15W. It has output signals of four USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, two PCIe x1 Gen3 and DP++.

The BioDigitalPC® is able to run any x86 operating system including Windows, Windows Server, LINUX, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu and many others. It is backwards compatible with older BioDigitalPC® docking stations and is ready to provide a mobile computing experience with just a moments notice.

The card is hot swappable and contains a built in graphics card. All BioDigitalPC -10’s have a waterproof, dust-proof, fire resistant and rugged epoxy coating ringed with anodised aluminium able to resist the worst operating conditions. The operating temperature is between -40C and 110C and is able to withstand nearly 3000G forces.