C4i C-COM MINI Multi-Format, Multi-User Computing & Routing Hub

Multi-Format, Multi-User Computing & Routing BiodigitalPC Hub

C-COM Mini provides powerful processing and networking capability in a compact, multi user tactical hub that can be deployed in a single vehicle or low level field headquarters.

Driven by the revolutionary BioDigitalPC® technology the C-COM Mini supports any combination of Windows or Linux (server or client) operating systems. The C-COM Mini can be deployed in a variety of user environments and installations and is capable of using a single in-service radio battery to operate for up to five hours to support early entry operations for a truly low power footprint solution in a variety of processing and storage configurations.

The BioDigitalPC® provides a combined fully interchangeable/removable processor and secure storage solution which, with its patented reader, allows users to adopt a modular approach to their tactical computing requirements without the need for significant hardware change.

Software agnostic computer for mission or platform management applications within: Ground vehicles, Command Posts, Maritime & Airborne Platforms.