C4i C-LITE Soldier Rugged Front Line Software Agnostic Computer

Rugged Biodigital Front Line Software Agnostic Computer

C-LITE Soldier makes sophisticated data processing on the front line a reality thanks to credit card sized BioDigitalPC® technology capable of running fully featured x86 applications.

It uses as little as ten watts of power and can be powered from a single in service (MBITR/AN-PRC 152) radio battery or alternative DC supply, meaning it can sustain dismounted operations at the front line. Dual Ethernet provides the ability to induce two feeds to the commander’s situational awareness tool to further support effective immediate decision making.

The BioDigitalPC® provides a combined fully interchangeable/removable processor and secure storage solution which, with its patented reader, allows users to adopt a modular approach to their tactical computing requirements without the need for significant hardware change.

C-LITE Soldier Applications:
Software agnostic computer for mission or platform management applications within Dismounted operations.