C4i C-REACH MP Carrier BLOS Voice Video & Data Gateway

BLOS Voice Video & Data Gateway

C-REACH MP Carrier System is the first communications solution that provides a modular Beyond Line of Site (BLOS) voice, video and data gateway.

Users deployed to the forward edge of operating areas have the ability to communicate mission critical information to tactical and strategic decision makers, without the need to carry or transport additional radios, batteries, chargers or antennas. It allows users to communicate with almost any variant of modern radio communication system.

It creates an operating umbrella that allows any user with a corresponding radio to achieve complete BLOS communications on a global scale through SATCOM/IP networks. It also provides a global, simultaneous voice and data capability allowing both radio and video traffic to be securely passed through the command chain from a single lightweight system that can be self-sufficient for up to 36 hours in the most remote environments.

C-REACH MP Carrier System is compliant to: MIL-STD-1275 input voltage range and transient voltage, MIL-STD-704A input voltage range requirements.