CCII 6U Conduction-Cooled Mechanical Housing Assembly

The 6U Conduction-Cooled Mechanical Housing Assembly (6U CC MHA) is a versatile, rugged enclosure for 6U Single Board Computer (SBC) based embedded systems, as used in varied Airborne, Vehicular and Naval applications. The MHA can be configured for use with standard 6U CompactPCI, VME, VPX or other custom backplanes.

The 6U CC MHA has dual-redundant hot-swap power supplies, connected in a load-sharing topology, capable of operating from a wide AC input range and supplying standard DC output rails. On-board power line filtering is implemented to limit susceptibility to EMI and RFI.

The modular rear-I/O connector plate can easily be customised to suit any end application. Resilience to shock and vibration can be enhanced using external shockmounts.

The 6U CC MHA is designed for highest levels of resilience to mechanical shock, vibration, temperature, dust and salt fog.