C²I² Multifunction Naval Console MMC

The Multifunction Naval Console (MNC) provides a sophisticated, graphically-orientated, human-machine interface for any naval or marine application. The MNC can simultaneously display HMI graphics and text from multiple software applications as well as images from several video sources with high-resolution graphics and symbology overlaid on the video images.

In addition, the MNC allows the human user to interact with the application using a combination of QWERTY keyboard, mini touch-entry colour LCD display, handgrip, rollerball, fast function keys, programmable soft keys and on-screen menus.

The computing segment of the MNC uses an embedded VME or CompactPCI (cPCI) computing platform, with Pentium or PowerPC host processor cards.

The MNC supports the VxWorks, WRS Hypervisor, Linux, R-T Linux and Windows V7 software operating systems.