CPix RS-100 Primary Radar Recording and Replay

Primary Radar Recording and Replay

Cambridge Pixel’s RS-100 product family provides a ready-to-run desktop unit for record and replay of primary radar video with associated tracks and related AIS, ADS-B and NMEA navigation data. The system is offered in a range of variants to provide an integrated all-in-one desktop unit for developers working with primary radar. Alternatively, it provides separate radar record and replay units, to permit capture of data from one location and replay in another.

For recording, the unit can receive radar video as either standard ASTERIX CAT-240 network format or else from radar signals (video, trigger, azimuth). Up to 3 channels can be recorded along with AIS and ADS-B reports, and NMEA 0183 navigation data for ship-board applications, in addition to ASTERIX CAT-48 tracks and network messages that can be captured and subsequently replayed without interpretation. RS-100 can also capture and replay H.264-encoded video.