CW CHAMP-AV4/VME-416 6U VME Digital Signal Processor

6U VME Digital Signal Processor

The CHAMP-AV4 is Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) fourth generation quad PowerPC AltiVec DSP board. It employs the independent node QuadFlow architecture of the AV II and AV III products, with enhanced performance provided by the latest Freescale Power Architecture™  MPC7447A/7448 PowerPC processors. It is a component of CWCEC’s signal processing system family which includes FGPA processing of the CHAMP-FX, high performance I/O of the StarReach PMC carrier all interconnected with StarFabric switched fabric technology and supported with Inter-Processor Communications software that abstracts the system components to a simple software interface. It also provides the latest in networking technology with Gigabit Ethernet and on-board switching, allowing systems to be networked together with or without external GbE switches.