CW CHAMP-AV5/VME-417 6U VME Intel Core i7 DSP Processor

6U VME Intel Core i7 DSP Processor

The CHAMP-AV5 multi-processing digital signal processor board combines the floating-point performance of the Intel Core i7 processor with the VME64x form factor. Using dual 2.53 GHz dual-core Core i7 processors, it delivers performance up to 81 GFLOPS. With a 17GB/s DDR3 memory subsystem directly connected to the processor, the Core i7 processor maximises the throughput of its SSE 4.2 vector processing units. Using large cache, the Core i7 processes large vectors at rates significantly greater than previous AltiVec-based systems. It is pin-compatible with the CHAMP-AV4 VME MPC7447/7448-based DSP card enabling performance upgrades without changing the chassis, backplane, or power supplies of existing qualified systems.