CW CNS2 Compact Network Storage 2-Slot with FIPS 140-2

Compact Network Storage 2-Slot with FIPS 140-2

The Compact Network Storage 2-Slot (CNS2) FIPS 140-2 is a conduction-cooled, rugged, NAS file server designed to be mounted in an ARINC tray on board mobile units in harsh environments. With the Flash Storage Module (FSM), the device provides up to 2TB of rugged, removable FIPS 140-2 certified AES-256-bit encrypted storage which can be used to securely transport data between a base station and aircraft or mobile vehicle. Secret and Below (SAB) encryption is optionally available. The network file server supports industry-standard network storage protocols (NFS, CIFS, HTTP and FTP) through four 1GbE ports. The device supports Pre-boot Execution (PXE) protocol hosting boot files for network clients allowing designers to eliminate redundant storage on the clients.

This rugged NAS solution is designed for use in a broad range of both manned and unmanned ground, air, and sea vehicles.