CW CNS2-T1 Compact Network Storage 2-Slot CNS2 with Type 1

Compact Network Storage 2-Slot CNS2 with Type 1


 Network Attached Storage with Type 1 Encryption

The CNS2-T1 is a two-slot rugged network attached storage device with NSA Type 1 encryption. It supports industry-standard network storage protocols (NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and FTP) through two 1 GbE ports. To protect critical data-at-rest, it incorporates an NSA Type 1 certified Secret and Below (SAB) encryptor. With the Flash Storage Module carrier (FSM-C), it provides up to 2 TB of rugged, removable solid-state storage which can be used to securely transport encrypted data between a base station and aircraft or mobile vehicle. With no moving parts or air-pressure dependent components, the unit tolerates a broad range of harsh conditions. Additionally, it supports Pre-boot Execution (PXE) protocol hosting boot files for network clients allowing designers to eliminate redundant storage on the clients.