CW FSM-C Flash Storage Module Carrier

Flash Storage Module Carrier

The Vortex Flash Storage Module Carrier (FSM-C) provides rugged, removable storage with the flexibility of industry standard solid state storage (SSD). The FSM-C is VITA 48.2 compliant in a 1” pitch 3U VPX industry standard format. It can lower schedule and technical risk for embedded storage applications providing a COTS storage solution.

It also provides direct-attached SATA storage for embedded computers in 3U VPX architectures. There is no need to worry about drivers, operating systems, or processor types. If the embedded computer supports SATA, then it can store the data. An FSM-C can be embedded into mission computers, sensor processors, mission recorders, instrumentation recorders, and other similar high speed systems. Based upon industry-standard 2.5” SATA SSD, the FSM-C meets the demands of the most rugged environments but provides tremendous storage flexibility and End of Life alleviation