CW MPMC-933x Rugged 3U 3-slot Ground Vehicle Computer

Rugged 3U 3-slot Ground Vehicle Computer


 Multi-Platform Modular Computer 3-slot 3U VPX™ System

MPMC-933x is a 3U 3-slot solution that incorporates a flexible and rugged processing system which can be easily configured to meet the needs of any military requirement. From benign laboratory to harsh deployed ground vehicle environments, the MPMC-933x is a rugged computer designed to fill multiple roles within ground vehicles.

The MPMC-933x supports VPX form factor modules in a compact SWaP-optimized package. The system is well equipped with, twelve ports of switched Gigabit Ethernet, five RS-232 serial ports, one Dual Redundant 1553 Bus, six TTL DIO, two fully programmable Controller Area Network (CAN) bus controllers and one fault reporting and logging/USB port.

In addition, the system is designed and tested to meet requirements for nuclear survivability.