CW RVG-SA1 Analogue Video Switch

SWaP-C Optimised Analogue Video Switch

RVG-SA1 is a rugged, size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) optimised analog video switch designed for use in the harsh environmental conditions that are encountered in aerospace and defence applications. Its small size allows it to be incorporated into space-constrained manned and unmanned vehicles of all types.

Highly flexible, it implements analog crossbar functionality such that any of the 12 analog video inputs can be routed to any of the 12 outputs. The RVG-SA1 implements a digital crossbar to allow routing of 8 digital inputs to any of 8 digital outputs to support HSYNC and VSYNC connectivity for four PC-style analog video channels. In addition it supports four separate EDID interfaces, providing the ability to emulate displays.

The RVG-SA1 can be configured on the fly via its external RS-422 and CAN control interfaces or can be configured statically to support a specific mission.