CW SLX4000 Rackmount Physical Layer Switch

Rackmount Physical Layer Switch

The SLX4000 Physical Layer Switch (PLS) is a managed, non-blocking, multipurpose cross-point switch for digital signals at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Any input can be switched to any output. The protocol or structure of data routed through the switch is ignored and passes through unaltered. As a result, it can be used with many different types of networks and signals. The unit is a single-slot PLS that holds a single port card. Each port card handles 48 channels of I/O.

It comes equipped with hot-swappable power supplies, port cards and SFPs to allow users to quickly add or replace parts without impacting system up-time. A Compact Flash module acts as the switch’s disk drive for the CPU and can be removed for security reasons. The SLX4000 Linux operating system, controlling firmware and nonvolatile port configuration data reside on the module.