CW VDSU-1420 HD Video Distribution Unit

HD Video Distribution Unit

The VDSU-1420 high-definition video distribution unit is a fully integrated member of the Curtiss-Wright Video Management System (VMS). It was designed to support the increasingly popular HD capability of video sources such as EO turrets and digital moving maps. This unit will allow up to 10 HD inputs to be switched to any of the 8 SDI outputs at various resolutions up to 1920x1080p, 60Hz.

It, like all other Curtiss-Wright distribution units before it, is controlled via a Curtiss-Wright display or remote control for channel switching. The unit can be fully integrated into a Video Management System with the Curtiss-Wright HD recorders and display products giving the user complete control over all their mission video in the aircraft. The operator can select any video source to view at any time and change channels being sent to video recorders or downlinks. The VMS can be integrated with most leading digital maps to allow full touchscreen control from a Curtiss-Wright display. For the ultimate in video management, the VDSU-1420 can be combined with a VDSU-1407 or VADU-9110 for complete control over both analog and digital video in the aircraft.