CW VPX3-717 Safety Certifiable 3U VPX AMD E8860 Graphics Processor

Safety Certifiable AMD E8860 Graphics Processor

The VPX3-717 is an industry-leading rugged 3U OpenVPX™, high performance graphics processor based on the AMD Radeon™ E8860 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The E8860 is the latest embedded discrete GPU from AMD that meets the long lifecycle availability required for military programs through the use of a suite of CoreAVI® software drivers and 20-year component supply program.

It features up to six independent and simultaneous graphics outputs, 2 GB of dedicated video memory, video compression encoder and decoder, and an XMC site supporting both peripheral and processor mezzanines as well as Curtiss- Wright’s IPX Personality Module for capture and format conversions. Its large complement of dedicated video memory combined with its high performance, make it ideal for use in demanding graphics-rich applications that require extensive video processing and display capabilities.

Designed for high reliability and a long lifecycle, it is especially well-suited to support embedded training, moving maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 360 degree situational awareness, Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) and other graphics, video and compute intensive applications.