Dawn DEV-4117 Multi-Platform Table-Top Development Chassis

Multi-Platform Table-Top Development Chassis

5-Slot Hybrid VME64x/VITA46/48 (VPX) Tabletop Development Chassis, featuring a IEEE1101-10/11 compatible front card cage and matching 6Ux80mm rear transition module card cage. Assembled with a Hybrid backplane that provides 2-slots VME64x and 3-slots VPX with rear transition module connectors at each slot on a single substrate, push-pull DC fan system, choice of 400W to 1000W power supply, Dawn’s RuSH system health monitor with display, removable side plates, front mounted main power switch. Wedge-lock style card guides to support conduction cooled boards available as an option.

The DEV-4117 Multi-Platform Table-Top Development Chassis for 6U boards coupled with Dawn’s Hybrid VME64x/VPX backplane provides a natural migratory development environment and path for upgrading systems to the latest VPX technology.