Dawn RME-5849 3U 21 Slot Rack Mount Multi-Platform

3U 21 Slot Rack Mount Multi-Platform

The RME-5849 Multi-Platform 1101.10 compatible Rack Mount Enclosure is the ideal choice where small size, lightweight, portability, basic features and low cost are desired. The closed frame, plug and play, robust design provides all that’s needed and then some for getting your board set up and running in record time. This chassis with its removable rubber feet is equally at home on the bench as it is mounted in the rack.

The chassis features three RuSH controlled high-performance cooling fans, front mounted main power switch, removable rubber feet, attractive air intake and exhaust grilles, front carrying handles, and Dawn’s Internet enabled RuSH monitoring and control technology. Within the 11.75” depth, a front 3U x 160MM, card cage and rear 3U x 80MM transition module card are provided to fully support your boards and I/O. Four plug-in power supply slots provide a choice of up to 1000 watts along with current sharing and N+1 redundancy. The backplane may be cPCI 2.1, cPCI 2.16, or Vita 46 (VPX). Backplane types may be mixed and power can be wired separate or common.