GS HPDI32ALT TTL or LVDS 32-bit Digital I/O

TTL or LVDS 32-bit Digital I/O

Available in PMC, PCI, cPCI and PC104-Plus and PCI Express form factors

The HPDI32ALT board is a flexible bi-directional 32-bit digital I/O board that transmits and receives data from 20 Mbytes (TTL I/O) to 200 Mbytes (LVDS) per second. This board provides a 64-bit 66MHz PCI interface capable of 400Mbytes/sec burst rate. The board is useful as a general-purpose DMA interface to a variety of external peripherals. The DMA engine is capable of transferring data to/ from Host memory using D32 block transfers, while the FIFO memory (up to One Mbyte of total FIFO) provides continuous transmission of data without interrupting the DMA transfers or requiring intervention from the Host CPU. The board has 7 bi-directional programmable handshake lines to allow easy interfacing to most digital I/O peripherals.