CW HSR40 High Speed Network Attached Storage 2x 40 GbE

High Speed Network Attached Storage 2x 40 GbE

The HSR40 is an ideal Network Attached Storage solution for High Speed Applications.  Modern aerospace and military ISR platforms, some incorporating hundreds of cameras and sensors, are generating an unprecedented amount of highly sensitive data that must be captured and securely stored without compromising performance. As an increasing number of high performance sensors are being used, system designers need to ensure that the data capture system can cope with the immense amounts of data produced. With two multi-core Intel® Xeon® D processors and two 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the HSR40 can handle the most demanding sensor recording applications. 

Handling the incoming data is Curtiss-Wright’s CHAMP™ XD2, featuring dual Xeon D processors and two built in 40 GbE interfaces. The processors can easily absorb the incoming data and redirect it to the persistent storage media, using 3rd generation PCI Express® (PCIe), enabling the efficient movement of all the data. By keeping the data as PCIe, instead of converting it to SATA and sending it to a SATA storage, the data can be directly pipelined over the backplane to the PCIe-based Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSDs.

To eliminate the system bottleneck of converting data from PCIe to SATA, the HSR40 uses superfast high-density NVMe SSDs. This type of memory is widely supported today, with commercial applications driving demand for increased performance. The SSDs are installed onto Removable Memory Blades (RMB), each with a maximum capacity of 32 TB, allowing for quick offloading of data for post mission analysis. The RMB has been designed for high-insertion applications with a 10,000 insertion cycle connector that was designed specifically for use with the HSR40. 

Featuring a low profile design, the HSR40 can be installed on deployed platforms using multiple mounting options. Power is provided by a MIL-STD-704 compliant 28VDC supply for mobile applications. Removable storage can be accessed easily from behind a hinged door on the front of the device.