C4i MCDC-22 Portable, 22 BiodigitalPC Docking Stations & LCD

Portable, 22 BiodigitalPC Docking Stations & LCD

MCDC-22 provides instant and scalable network application services to field data users in a single robust, energy efficient and mobile unit and can be scaled from one server to 22 complete servers simply by plugging in more BioDigitalPC®’s.

When completely scaled, the MCDC allows for 22 BioDigitalPC®’s containing 22 to 88 CPU cores, 44 to 176GB DDR3 RAM, up to 2.8TB of Ultra-Fast SSD storage and up to 12TB optional HDD storage.

For thin client deployment, the MCDC can also act as a host unit for provisioning network services in a single self-contained mobile unit, making the tasks of large client deployments as straight forward as plugging in another BPC.

The BioDigitalPC®’s used in the MCDC can be hot swapped during operation allowing for upgrades and increased provision of application services to be carried out by non-technical personnel instantly.

The integrated internal battery in the MCDC provides up eight hours server uptime and nearly a week of minimal server usage so it can still be used during periods of power outage.

The MCDC-22 also features a full LCD display and charging status lights for peace of mind.