CW Cross Domain Computing Platform - MCOTS DuraCOR 8043

Cross Domain Computing Platform

This MCOTS variant of the rugged Parvus® DuraCOR® 8043 modular mission computer has been integrated with additional Ethernet NIC cards and special connectors to support secure multi-network access using Forcepoint™ High Speed Guard Special Purpose (HSG SP), Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client (TTC) and/ or other third-party cross domain guard (CDG) software. Based on a 6th gen “Skylake” Intel® Mobile Xeon® E3 v5 processor, integrated with PCIe104 and mini-PCIe Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) cards, along with a 2-slot removable SSD segment and 200ms power hold-up capacitance segment, the unit can provide aircraft with secure network access to multiple domains from a single device (when integrated with third-party software). Forcepoint’s HSG SP facilitates bi-directional, trusted rule set-based accredited transfer across domains, while Forcepoint’s TTC software provides users with secure, simultaneous access to multiple networks. Both are approved cross domain solutions and are included on the Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office (UCDSMO) Cross Domain Baseline. 

Delivering new capabilities for trusted C4ISR applications, this DuraCOR 8043 variant is optimally designed for size, weight, and power (SWaP)-sensitive mobile, airborne, ground, manned/unmanned vehicle and sensor requirements. It combines powerful graphics and multi-core processing with ultra-reliable modularity, mechanical robustness in a fanless IP67 design (dust and waterproof) designed to support mission-specific payloads using mini-PCIe and PCIe104 add-on modules. The unit also supports removable 2.5” solid state disks capable of hosting high-capacity solid state media to host operating system and mission application software. 

This MCOTS variant takes advantage of Curtiss-Wright’s cost competitive and quick-turn application engineering services, leveraging the unit’s PCI Express® (PCIe) Mini Card and stackable PCIe/104™ bus I/O architecture to support turnkey integration of add-on high-speed I/O and graphics card expansion without NRE cost. The unit requires no active cooling nor cold plate, and includes a military-grade power supply supporting aircraft (MIL-STD-704F, DO-160G) and ground vehicle (MIL-STD-1275D) voltages with capabilities for 50/200 ms power hold-up. Minimising risk, the DuraCOR 8043 product will undergo qual tested to extreme MIL-STD- 810G, MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-704F and RTCA/ DO-160G conditions for environmental, power and EMI compliance