Merlin Auto Changeover Inverters DC to AC Power Inverter

DC to AC Power Inverter

If you wish to fit an inverter and also have a mains hook up (shorepower), a method of selecting between them must be fitted

Auto-Changeover Inverters already have the transfer relay built in. When shorepower is available, the relay will allow power to bypass the inverter and feed the on board ring main. As soon as shorepower is disconnected, the relay will allow inverter power to feed the ring main. It works in the same way as a UPS system. Our auto-changeover Inverters

Our auto-changeover Inverters are based on our standard 1000w and 2000w units. The transfer relay is rated at 30 amps for 230V AC electrical systems. All other specifications are identical to the 01-8035 and 01-8040 (1000 and 2000w) models.