Merlin PowerCentre 12V High Capacity Portable Power System

High Capacity Portable Power System

PowerCentre is a unique device developed specifically to assist Military and Emergency Services customers who want a long lasting source of rechargeable 12 Volt power for field operations.

The unit uses a highly advanced, 40 ampere hour Lithium-Ion battery that is much smaller and less heavy than a comparable lead-acid battery and specially constructed with a phosphate cathode, which means it cannot suffer from thermal runaway, a major safety concern with other Lithium Ion products.

The ultimate result is a pack, which can be easily carried by one individual and offers around 20 x the capacity of a high end Notebook computer battery. It can be discharged to 80% of its capacity each time it is used and cannot be flattened. At these levels, its lifespan will be around seven to ten times that of a good quality VRLA AGM, lead-acid battery pack. In addition, it does not suffer from loss of capacity (memory effect) from only being partially recharged.