MPM-8 Compact Network Application Services

Compact Network Application Services

MPM-8 (Multi Processor Module) provides compact, network application services in a single, energy efficient mobile unit. Housing 8 removable Credit Card sized processor modules, the MPM-8 was designed and developed to address government and military requirements for tactical processing, shared storage and networking in a single compact unit. Processing and data storage can be easily accessed in the field.

Internal and network connectivity is provided by an embedded 1/10 Gb managed switch/router. IO functionality consists of 12 x 1GbE RJ45 ports, 4 x 1 Gb SFP fibre ports and 4 x 10 Gb SFP fibre ports from the embedded Managed Ethernet Switch/Router. Each BioDigitalPC® is interfaced via its dedicated Mini DisplayPort connector with 2 x USB2 and 1 x USB3 ports.