NAI 55LQ3 125-Watt DC/DC Converter, 3U cPCI

125-Watt DC/DC Converter, 3U cPCI

NAI’s 55LQ3 is a 125-Watt DC/DC Converter that plugs directly into a standard 3U cPCI chassis with a 0.8” slot. It is conduction-cooled through the card edge/wedgelock. This modular, switching power supply accepts +28 VDC input and provides a single output at up to 100 Watts.

Standard features include remote error sensing; enable and power fail warn signals; and protection against transients, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits. Options such as vibration testing are available.

This COTS converter is specifically designed with NAVMAT component derating for rugged defence and industrial applications. It is also designed to meet the many harsh environmental requirements of military applications.