NAI Model 64C2 6U VME Multi-Function I/O

6U VME Multi-Function I/O

The 64C2 is a single slot, 6U VME multi-function I/O and serial communications card. The motherboard contains six independent module slots, each of which can be populated with a function specific module, and can be controlled via Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T) as well as by the VME databus. This enhanced motherboard using multiple DSPs enables higher processing power and dedicated pre-processing and control for each module function.

This unique design eliminates the need for multiple, specialised, single-function cards by providing a single-board solution for a broad assortment of programmable, multi-channel signal interface I/O modules such as: Digital (TTL/CMOS, Differential, Discrete, Relay); Analog (A/D, D/A, RTD, Strain Gage, Isolated Power Supply); Positional/Motion Control (Synchro/Resolver/ LVDT/RVDT Measurement/ Simulation, AC Reference, Encoder/Counter).