NAI Model 64C3 6U VME Multi-Function I/O

6U VME Multi-Function I/O

The 64C3 is a single slot, 6U VME, low-power/high-performance, multi-function I/O board. Six I/O module slots enable integrators to mix and match a variety of I/O and communication functions. These functions include Digital I/O (Discrete, TTL or Differential), Analog I/O (A/D, D/A, RTD, Strain Gage), Motion Control and Sensor Interfaces (Synchro/Resolver/LVDT/RVDT Measurement and Simulation, Encoder/Counter) and Communication Interfaces (synchronous/asynchronous RS232/422/485, MIL-STD-1553, CANBus and ARINC 429/575).

Configured with up to six modules, system integrators can confidently manage and monitor a host of sensor interfacing requirements using NAI’s flexible, leading-edge, fully programmable and continuous background built-in-test (BIT) enabled function modules.