NAI Model 64PW3 6U VME PWM Servo Motor Driver / Amplifier Board

6U VME PWM Servo Motor Driver / Amplifier Board

The 64PW3 is a Servo Motor Drive featuring dual four-quadrant, bi-directional PWM servo amplifiers that drive brush or brushless (optional) DC servo motors. This conduction cooled VME card incorporates optional RS-422, A/D, D/A or dual Resolver-to-Digital converters. The required 65 VDC power (other voltages are available) is supplied by a separate power supply module that is controlled by this card by means of a pulse train. Optional programmable encoder (A & B) equivalent Hall Effect commutation outputs are also available.

The amplifiers can be set for either current or voltage control via the bus. Actual motor control, using the selected voltage or current mode, can be done with the RS-422 link. Both output drives can be shut down via a single discrete opto-isolated logic input. A thermal shutdown will prevent damage to the system caused by excessive temperature conditions. Motor drive power is opto-isolated from VME power.