NAI Model 6906 6U VME Programmable Resistor Board

6U VME Programmable Resistor Board

The 6906 is a single slot VMEbus card that incorporates up to six isolated programmable resistor output channels that simulate resistive transducers (e.g. thermocouple, TAT probe etc). The output is always a true resistor. The card is designed to accommodate multiple resistor values or mixed configurations (different channels with different values) up to a total of 6 channels.

This board is available to operate over a “C” or “M” operating temperature range and can also be supplied as an Enhanced Reliability design. The “C” version operates is populated with standard high quality commercial semiconductors. The “M” version is populated with high quality military semiconductors.

A self-test feature, when addressed, disconnects the outputs and programs two predetermined resistance values to check system performance.