NAI Model 75C3 3U cPCI I/O & Comm Board

3U cPCI I/O & Comm Board

The 75C3 is a 3U cPCI multifunction I/O and communication board with three independent function module slots. Two of the slots can be configured with a variety of I/O and communication functions; the third, with either a combination module featuring four multiplexed A/D channels and 28 Discrete I/O programmable channels, or with a reference supply. Using multiple DSPs, the enhanced motherboard enables higher processing power and dedicated pre-processing control for each module.

By eliminating the need for multiple, specialised, single-function boards, this unique design increases packaging density, saves enclosure slots, and reduces power consumption. This low-power/high-performance 3U cPCI board, is ideally suited for rugged defence, industrial, and commercial applications.