NAI Model 75D4 3U cPCI High Density I/O & Comm Board

3U cPCI High Density I/O & Comm Board

Model 75D4 is a 3U cPCI High-density I/O and Communication Board with a single, high-density function module slot. In addition, the motherboard also includes an option for an integrated four-channel RS232/423/422/485 serial communication complement. This low-power/high-performance board is ideally suited for rugged defence, industrial, and commercial applications.

The module slot is standardised with a relatively large footprint and high-density channel count, enabling up to 48 channels of high functionality, feature-rich, programmable discrete on a single 3U board. It can be configured with any one of a variety of high-density I/O and communication functions. Each I/O function has dedicated processing, unburdening the system Single Board Computer (SBC) from unnecessary data management overhead.