NAI Model 75D4-H2 3U cPCI I/O & Comm Board w/Gig-E Switch

3U cPCI I/O & Comm Board w/Gig-E Switch

The 75D4-H2 is a Layer 2+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch built upon NAI’s multifunction, 3U cPCI board technology. The 75D4 motherboard contains a high density I/O module slot that supports an H2 switch function. It consumes approximately 9.5W of total power at 5V to operate at full 1000 Base-T speeds. In addition, the motherboard can integrate four channels of RS232/423/422/485 serial communications. This adds an additional 1.5W of 5V power. Serial data is available on the cPCI bus or can optionally be available over Ethernet via the use of one of the switch ports.

It can also be configured to support a complement of NAIs high-density I/O and communication functions. The module slot is standardised with a relatively large footprint and high-density channel count, enabling up to 48 channels of high functionality, feature-rich programmable discrete on a single 3U board. The low-power/high-performance is ideally suited for rugged defence, industrial, and commercial applications.