Pentek RTX 2769 Ultra Wideband Extreme Rackmount Recorder

Ultra Wideband Extreme Rackmount Recorder

The Talon® RTX 2769 is a turnkey system that is built to operate under harsh conditions. Designed to withstand high vibration and operating temperatures, it is intended for military, airborne and UAV applications requiring a rugged system.

Aimed at recording high-bandwidth signals, it uses 12-bit, 3.6 GHz A/D converters. It can be configured as a one-or two-channel system and can record sampled data, packed as 8-bit- or 16-bit-wide consecutive samples (12-bit digitised samples residing in the 12 MSBs of the 16-bit word). A high-speed RAID array provides a maximum streaming recording rate to disk of 5 GB/sec.

It uses Pentek’s high-powered Virtex-7-based Onyx® boards that provide the data streaming engine for the high-speed A/D converters. Channel and packing modes as well as gate and trigger settings are among the GUI-selectable system parameters, providing complete control over this ultra wideband recording system. Optional GPS time and position stamping allows the user to capture this critical information in the header of each data file.