Pyrenees Removable, Sealed, SATA Solid State Drive

Removable, Sealed, SATA Solid State Drive

Pyrenees is a removable, sealed, rugged SATA memory device containing a 2.5” solid state drive that mates with a 6U VPX docking bay.

Mountain Secure Systems (MSS) packages COTS electronics that incorporate sealed enclosures, removability, EMI/EMC shielding, extended temperature range, firmware control, conformal coating, and other techniques to meet rugged commercial and military standards, including program-specific requirements. By listening to and working closely with our customers, as well as building strong relationships with OEMs and distributors, MSS provides the most reliable rugged electronics in the marketplace. Simply put: No one can match MSS’s meticulous attention to detail and proven track record of delivering world-class performance in harsh, demanding environments.