CPix RadarWatch Situational Awareness for Ports & Harbours

Situational Awareness for Ports & Harbours

RadarWatch is a flexible situational awareness display for maritime applications, including port and harbour control, coastal surveillance and simple vessel traffic monitoring.

It provides an integrated presentation of radar video, tracks, camera data, AIS, mapping and alarm processing, offering a powerful, flexible and cost-effective maritime information system.

RadarWatch works with a wide range of radar sensors and cameras, allowing system integrators to specify the right sensor for each application.

It can accept data from up to two radars and up to 16 cameras. Radar data is presented in a number of clear multi-layer PPI display windows that may be freely moved and resized. Radar video is drawn over tiled maps or S-57 format electronic charts (with support for S-63 encryption). Received primary, fused, AIS and ADS-B tracks are presented as a graphical overlay on top of the radar video and map layers.

Camera videos are displayed in a configurable “multi-view” window, as an M-by-N grid. Any of the camera videos may be easily selected for display in a separate window. Video windows may be freely moved and resized.

RadarWatch integrates camera control using the Pelco-D control protocol and includes slew-to-cue functionality. This allows a target of interest to be selected from a PPI window and followed automatically using the most suitable camera available.