D-TA RFvision-2 ELINT Spectrum Scanning System with Pulse Analysis Software

Spectrum Scanning System With Pulse Analysis Software

RFvision-2 ELINT System With Pulse Analysis Software.

This is the next generation ELINT solution that leverages multi-core processing capability of the RFvision-2 ELINT system which offers 500 MHz – 18 GHz spectrum scanning and 500 MHz stare BW.

The SigInspector™-Pulseview software provides fully automated pulse detection and de-interleaving functionality for automatic emitter identification from continuous ultra-wideband records. The software enables the ELINT operators to focus on the content of automatically de-interleaved emitter signals rather than performing the signal sorting manually on the raw signal records. RFvision-2 & RFvision-360 (integrated SIGINT) Open-Architecture Electronic Warfare Solutions allow users to integrate their specialised analysis algorithms with the automated signal collection functionality provided with the software framework.