RVDU 7-Inch 800 X 480 Pixel Rugged Video Display Unit

7-Inch 800 X 480 Pixel Rugged Video Display Unit

RVDU (Rugged Video Display Unit) is a new 7-inch 800 x 480 pixel LCD display ideal for adding general purpose video imagery capability such as 360 degree situational awareness, rear-view reversing camera, equipment monitoring, and flexible display functionality to size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) constrained platforms. System integrators seek low-cost display solutions that maintain reliability in harsh environments. Today, modern ground vehicles increasingly depend on a proliferation of mounted cameras to provide a view of the outside environment, such as a rear-view reversing camera.

This camera imagery can be viewed in small, affordable displays that can, for example, aid in the prevention of accidents. The compact, widescreen RVDU supports up to two video inputs, which can be configured as either CVBS (composite video) inputs or digital. With superior viewing, the display’s ambient light sensors automatically change the screen brightness to the optimal setting for visibility in any light conditions, while its LED backlight provides a clear, crisp picture. The unit’s CAN bus control interface supports seamless software upgrades and eases interface with other Curtiss-Wright video management solutions such as those in the Rugged Video Gateway (RVG) product line.