CW RVG-FC1 Video Gateway Format Converter

Video Gateway Format Convertor

RVG-FC1 is a small, lightweight and interoperable with the Curtiss-Wright RVG range enabling complex, scalable, solutions to be built quickly and easily. Furthermore, the entire family of RVG products are qualified to the DO-160G standard making them the only products of their class in the market that are ruggedised for the harsh environmental conditions present in aerospace and defence applications.

Highly flexible, the RVG-FC1 supports two independent channels of video conversion. Accepting a wide range of analog and digital video input formats, the RVG-FC1 scales and rate converts the input signals to a similarly wide range of video output formats.

It can be configured on the fly via its external RS4-22 and CAN control interfaces or can be configured statically to support a specific mission-fit.

It also extends Curtiss-Wright’s video management and processing product line that encompasses switching, recording and displays.

Video management integration is often complex and burdened with problems that arise from integrating legacy equipment and the latest video sources. The Curtiss-Wright Rugged Video Gateway Format Converter  provides a flexible building block capable of converting between a range of video formats and resolutions (15 different formats and resolutions are supported).