C4i SR-90 Energy Saving 2u Rack Mount

Revolutionary Energy Saving 2U Data Centre

SR-90 disrupts the paradigm of traditional and current data centre construction and operation-extremely reduced real estate and power requirements, no cooling and air conditioning requirements and vast environmental benefits while providing much greater processing power at greatly reduced initial and through life operating costs.

It is the evolution of the data centre to a completely new paradigm. Built to fit within standard 19″ rack systems, it is 2U tall, and contains up to a staggering 90 BioDigitalPCs®/MobylPCs. The unit requires zero additional cooling and consumes only 1.8kW of power, making this the world leader in terms of both processor density per U, low power consumption and overall running costs.

It is comprised of nine SR-10 modules, each of which comes with the capacity to hold 10 BioDigitalPCs®/MobylPCs. Each card has 1 USB 2.0, 1 Mini-DisplayPort, and 3 Gigabit NICs available.

To allow for maximum throughput, all 30 Gigabit NICs are in turn connected to a shared managed Ethernet switch with 2 additional micro SFP+ 10Gb interconnects.

With high density processing occurring in such a condensed space, management of card health status is key. To achieve this, each SR-10 module also includes the ADDC remote power management web GUI, allowing quick monitoring and control of the power for each of the 10 BioDigitalPCs®/MobylPCs that are connected.

The SR-90 can be set up in an ambient untreated environment. The BioDigitalPCs®/MobylPCs™ are hot swappable and can be very easily replaced by swapping one for another and repurposed thereby negating any impact on other hardware in the data centre and eliminating waste.