Sunhillo Avalon Embedded Computer System

Embedded Computer System

Avalon is a robust embedded computer system designed specifically for use in environments requiring low maintenance and high reliability in a small 6.5in(L) X 8.5in (W) X 1.9in (H) form factor. It is based on a proven, commercially-available ARM CortexA8 processor design which allows users to take advantage of the Open Source software and hardware community to improve supportability and long-term sustainability; embedded Linux distributions are supported.
It provides two (2) USB ports, two (2) 10/100 Ethernet ports, (1) one DVI-I port, and (1) one RS-422 Async serial port. The two (2) USB 2.0 ports support keyboards and other USB devices and can be disabled or enabled through configuration commands. A low-power ARM Cortex-A8 processor boots the system and application in less than 45 seconds and provides a robust development platform for software and hardware maintenance. It also features a DVI-I port for both analog and digital video transmission, which allows use of a variety of monitors; video resolution of 1024×768 and all modes for VT-100 emulation are supported. The DB25F connector uses a built-in RS-422 native asynchronous port; no external 422 adapters.