Sunhillo DDS Data Distribution System

Data Distribution System

DDS. The world of communications can be a challenging arena when there are multiple, dissimilar data sources that need to be controlled, monitored and routed. This Platform meets that challenge head-on providing a fully scalable, chassis-based data distribution system complete with protocol conversion. It draws together Sunhillo’s rich line of surveillance communication products and experience into one unified system. Coupled with the DDS Domain Controller (DDC), the distribution, control and monitoring responsibility of multiple, disparate data sources are centralised into one easy-to-use system.  The system provides communication engineers with scalable building blocks capable of transferring data in any combination – Serial-to-Serial, Serial-to-LAN, LAN-to-Serial or LAN-to-LAN. The intelligent endpoint technology distributes the communication and protocol conversion overhead, thus allowing the system to scale with the changing needs of the data center without sacrificing performance or functionality.

High Performance Architecture
Built from deployment-proven surveillance data communication technology, it distributes the detail of a connection to the system into a collection of “endpoints” managed by the DDC. Using all rack mountable components, there are two primary categories of endpoints that provide the bulk of the system functionality: IP Endpoints and Serial Endpoints. Each endpoint has the capacity to do a protocol conversion or re-transmit the data from the source.