Sunhillo Longport 3U, Up to 24 Ports, Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion Unit

3U, Up to 24 Ports, Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion Unit

Longport is a robust, versatile and modular system designed for surveillance sensor data distribution and message conversions. It provides sensor interfacing capabilities for the FAA STARS, ASR11, as well as the military DASR program. It is scalable, providing the capability to provision modules and services as mission requirements dictate. It is also fully compatible with the STARS SIU.
It delivers high-density system interfacing to multiple serial ports with the ability to scale to future Network Enabled Enterprise Architectures. The platform enables synchronous, asynchronous, Bi-sync and high speed LAN interconnectivity and can be universally programmed to perform essentially any data format conversion or filtering function. Common conversions performed by it, include message format transformations between surveillance data in CD-2, ASR, various ASTERIX categories (e.g., CAT 01, 02, 33, 34, 48, and others) in addition to sync serial and LAN formats.
The Processor Module serves as the interface to 4-serial ports of data with a maximum of 6 Processor modules/24 ports per unit. Standard serial cables connect directly to the rear of the Longport maintaining independent connectivity. The chassis is a 19” standard EIA rack mount unit with an elevation of 3U. Dual (load sharing) and single power supply configurations are available. The LAN Module provides IP-based network connectivity via quad Ethernet ports located on the rear of the unit.