Sunhillo Margate I M4I Mode 4 Interrogator

Mode 4 Interrogator

Margate is an EIA standard 19” rack mount platform designed for surveillance sensor formatting, filtering and protocol conversions with built in data M4I Interface. It accepts interrogation synchronously from a single 25 pin serial interface in the form of UDP packets from dual Ethernet interfaces. Interrogation requests can arrive in any order from either type of interface. The synchronous serial port handles CD-2 and M4IS-Simple Format, while the redundant Ethernet Ports handle strictly M4IS-Simple Format.
It is a compact 1U form factor FPGA-based signal processing platform that enables synchronous, asynchronous, Bi-sync plus HDLC serial / LAN interconnectivity and can be programmed to perform essentially any data format conversion. Common conversions include converting TPS75 to SGF-IP, as well as message format transformations between surveillance data in ECGP, CD-2, ASR, various ASTERIX categories (e.g., CAT 01, 02, 33, 34, 48, and others), ADS-B, MAR, TPS75, Mode 4, ARTS, SGF, AIRCAT-500, Mode S, in addition to sync, async serial and LAN formats. It is built on FAA approved and deployed Sunhillo Software and Hardware, providing sensor interfacing capabilities for the FAA STARS, ASR11, as well as the military DASR program.

Contact Unitronix for the datasheet.